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“Remember You Were Strangers in the Land of Egypt…”

We are reminded of this fact in the Torah no fewer than 36 times. This week, we were again all reminded as we gathered around our seder tables. Despite the inevitable wine stains, laughter, and much, too much, good food, we reenacted the moment when we left Egypt for our own liberation. We raised a shank bone and commemorated that our ancestors had to mark their doors to acknowledge they were willing to risk revolution for a resolution to their misery. Our ancestors had to be willing to participate to be redeemed.Read More  ➔

Young Professionals Services

WHC Stories - Rabbi Aaron Miller

Rabbi Miller is passionate about working with adults in their 20s and 30s. Metro Minyan has given D.C.’s young professionals a vibrant, alive, Reform Shabbat experience, but Rabbi Miller originally had a different vision for Metro Minyan. What was his original concept, and how did Metro Minyan become the Slingshot Award-winning Shabbat experience so many have come to know and love? Read More  ➔

Faith In Action

WHC Stories - Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, Washington Hebrew Congregation will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mitzvah Day. This annual day of tikkun olam, which Rabbi Lustig created for WHC, has been replicated throughout the world. Just how did Mitzvah Day come to be?Read More  ➔

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